In moments of struggle, celebration and reflection I have been so fortunate to be surrounded by incredible women.

Women who have shared with me their wisdom, their laughs and their tears. Women who have achieved great heights, followed their dreams and survived enormous adversity.

Women who have inspired me by just being. By waking up and walking into each day.

These are my women – women I call family, women I call friends, women I’ve admired up close and women I’ve admired from afar. Women who make my day a little brighter, fight a little stronger and laugh until I pee my pants.

I would love to share each of their stories with you in this space I call Inspired By.

Love Megan xx

Megan is a mother of two, wife, event manager and small business owner. She has always been incredibly passionate about people; connecting, enriching and sharing to achieve more than she believes we could standing alone.

With honestly and humility, Megan narrates the real life journey’s of women who have influenced and inspired her through their own experiences, and connecting to benefit causes close to her heart.

To contribute or collaborate – contact@inspiredbyblog.com.au